Capitol Blvd Bridge Upgrade Bridge Rail | Olympia, WA

Project Details

Owner: Washington Dept. of Transportation
Location: Olympia, WA
Value: $870K
Completed: 2011

Project Description

The Capitol Blvd Bridge spans over the heavily traveled I-5 section in Olympia that had a dated 5’-7” tall railing/fence. This project replaced this fence with a new 8’-6” tall mesh style to prevent debris from falling on the freeway below.

The project required the demo and removal of “slots” in the existing concrete sidewalk so that additional reinforcement and new concrete could be added at each of the new post locations. The new fence/railing installed included 9’0” posts with 8’-6” mesh panels and debris guard running along the base. Cascade Bridge was able to perform most of the construction activities while maintaining live traffic on I-5 below by using a moving protective system. The protective system had dual function as it also provided access for the crew underneath and across the bridge.