E 1300 N, Ora Rd Bridge | Ashton, ID

Project Details

Owner: Idaho Transportation Dept.
Location: Ashton, ID
Value: $9.9M
Completed: 2021

Project Description

This project replaces the existing bridge over the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River with a new 483 ft. four-span precast/prestressed girder bridge founded on PP16X0.500 and had a cast-in-place deck and concrete barrier. The project also included roadway realignment, controlled blasting, storm, paving and striping.

A 494 ft. temporary work bridge and fingers were installed for access across the Henry’s Fork to construct the new bridge. An ICE I-30 diesel hammer and an ICE 44B vibratory hammer were used to drive a total of 34 pipe piling for the work bridge. We also installed sheet piling for the cofferdam construction at the three center piers. Once the cofferdams were installed, a total of 60EAPP16X0.500 were driven for the piers and 18EA PP16X0.500 for the Abutment. All of this work was completed while meeting the stringent environmental in-water requirements.