North Rivergate Overcrossing | Portland, OR

Project Details

Owner: Portland Bureau of Transportation
Location: Portland, OR
Value: $16.3M
Completed: 2021

Project Description

This project is another phase of Port of Portland’s plan to improve the traffic flow in this industrial area by constructing an overcrossing on North Rivergate Blvd. over existing UPRR and BNSF railroad tracks. The structure being constructed is an 830 ft., five-span steel girder bridge, founded on 68 PP24X0.625 with a cast-in-place deck, sidewalk mounted combination rail and Type F Rail. The approaches on both sides of the bridge are constructed using Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Blocks, which is a lightweight fill material, to limit settlement as the existing ground conditions are unable to support traditional fill material and also included permanent sheet pile retaining walls. The project also includes waterline, storm sewer, irrigation, curbs and sidewalk, paving and landscaping.

The bridge is founded on 68 PP24X0.625. The abutments were driven to an average depth of 186ft. deep and to a bearing of 1150 kips. The piers were driven to an average depth of 187ft. deep and to bearings of 1430 kips and 1520 kips. A test pile was performed at each bent to determine the driving criteria for that bent. An ICE I-80 which is a 238,950 ft-lbs diesel hammer was used to drive the piling to final depth and final bearing for each bent. In addition to the piling, approx. 9,200 SF of permanent sheet piling were driven for the retaining walls at the approaches. An ICE 44B was used to install these sheets to depth.