North Meyers RD Bridge 502 | Zillah, WA

Project Details

Owner: Yakima County Public Works
Location: Zillah, WA
Value: $10.4M
Completed: 2017

Project Description

This project replaced an aging cast-in-place box girder bridge over the Yakima River with a new 620 ft. four-span precast/prestressed girder bridge founded on 6’-0” diameter drilled shafts at the Abutments and 10’-0” diameter drilled shafts at the Piers and had a cast-in-place deck and traffic barrier. The project also included a permanent sheet pile wall, SEW wall, storm, paving and striping.

In order to construct the new bridge, a 798ft. temporary work access bridge with fingers including oscillator reaction piles were installed over the Yakima River. In addition, the existing CIP box-girder bridge needed to be removed which required a full containment platform so that demolition debris could not enter the waterway. An ICE I-30 diesel hammer and an ICE 44B vibratory hammer were used to drive a total of 124 pipe piling for the work bridge, oscillator piles and containment platform. All of these piles were installed while adhering to stringent environmental requirements which included completing the work with an aggressive in-water work window, daily diesel hammer blow count allowance and the requirement of a bubble curtain to protect the fish habitat.